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Hey I heard somewhere that the word "FUCK" is actually an abbreviation for Fornacating Under Consideration of King. Is this true? It's sounds like bullshit to me.
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Yes, total bullshit. Linguistic evidence aside, how would any king ever hope to regulate his people’s sex lives??

I wrote about the history of fuck HERE. It’s a quick, very silly, very sweary read…

Here are some extracts, looking at early instances of the word:

The place-names Ric Wyndfuk and Ric Wyndfuck de Wodehous (which sounds like a brilliant place to live), both of which are found near Sherwood Forest in a document from 1287. These use the bird-name Windfucker (first cited 1599) which may or may not have something to do with making the beast with two backs. The OED veers towards yes, probably, it’s a kestrel which majestically mounts the wind. So the place-names here kind of have fuck in them by a circuitous route and are possibly the earliest instance of fuck in English.

1663 – Richard Head, Hic et Ubique: or, The Humors of Dublin. A comedy, ‘I did creep in..and there I did see putting [sic] the great fuck upon my weef.’ I’ve included this even though it’s quite late because I really like saying ‘the great fuck upon my weef’. And because it’s written by a man called Richard Head. RICHARD. HEAD.

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Blessed are they who have nothing to say and who cannot be persuaded to say it.
James Russell Lowell (via neurosengarten)
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Cats of Linguists (linguisticats) | Twitter



it’ll mostly just be the tumblr feed, but I know several friends-of-cats aren’t on tumblr and are on twitter, so this will give them a chance to share in the joy that is CATS (cats)

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There’s no subject you don’t have permission to write about.

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The relation of space and musical pitch in the brain

Numerous experiments show that space and musical pitch are closely linked in people’s minds. However, the exact nature of space-pitch associations and their neuronal underpinnings are not well understood. In an fMRI experiment we investigated different types of spatial representations that may underlie musical pitch. Participants judged stimuli that varied in spatial height in both the visual and tactile modalities, as well as auditory stimuli that varied in pitch height. In order to distinguish between unimodal and multimodal spatial bases of musical pitch, we examined whether pitch activations were present in modality-specific (visual or tactile) versus multimodal (visual and tactile) regions active during spatial height processing. Judgments of musical pitch were found to activate unimodal visual areas, suggesting that space-pitch associations may involve modality-specific spatial representations, supporting a key assumption of embodied theories of metaphorical mental representation.
Keywords: pitch, space, metaphor, embodiment, fMRI

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Why isn’t there a dedicated font for sarcasm?

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Happy 30th birthday, emoticons!

Why is there not a monument to Scott Fahlman in every city?

(32nd by now…)

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Things you find browsing the #etymology tag

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Proto-Albanian is basically PIE spoken by very inebriated people.
My friend Wrik (via polyglotted)
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Linguistic Relativity. The more you think about it the more interesting it becomes. Literally…